What are retargeting ads suitable for, and when should you use them for your local/ small business?


That’s a trick question because the answer is you should always be using re-retargeting ads with your marketing strategy. It takes, on average, seven interactions with your business before a customer buys your product or decides to use your services. You can help narrow that down with retargeting ads. 


Let’s break down when and how this can be super beneficial to you.

retargeted ads for gaining sales

The Stats

25% of people enjoy seeing retargeting ads.

Visitors that are retargeted are 43% more likely to convert

When seeing a retargeting ad, there’s a 70% chance they will purchase your service/ product over your competitor’s.

97% of web visitors that leave will never return unless an ad is shown.

retargeting can increase sales by almost 20%

When you are running a marketing campaign

If retargeting ads are not part of your marketing strategy, then you need to rethink how you will get customers.

You’re spending money on ads and now have a list of data you can use and send them remarketing materials to convince them that they need your product or service. It would be a waste to have someone show some interest and not try to insist they complete an action ( purchase service or product).

For example, if you are running a Facebook ad campaign and have collected emails from people who clicked on your ad, you can upload that list into Facebook and create a custom audience. Then, you can create ads that specifically target people who have already shown an interest in what you’re selling.

facebook retargeted ads

When you want to increase brand awareness or grow your audience

If you are trying to increase brand awareness or grow your audience, you need to use retargeting ads. People usually don’t buy something the first time they see it, so it’s essential to keep your brand in front of them and top of mind. The more times people see your ad, the more likely they are to remember your brand and make a purchase. 

For example, if you’re trying to grow your Facebook page, you can use website custom audiences to target people who have visited your website. You can then create ads that encourage them to like your page or sign up for a newsletter so you can remarket to them for free.

Once again, this all depends on your business goals. When you understand your target market, this makes it even easier.


Get the Guide on how to increase your customers here.

top of mind automation

When you want to increase conversions

This is my favorite. Especially if you sell a product. You can see people are going to your website or even to your store but not getting many sales. We can offer a retargeting ad based on what they see or interact with. Putting that item right back in front of them.


Now with today, everyone wants something different, so if you keep showing the same ad and page to someone with no new information, chances are they aren’t going to make a purchase.


With that, let’s get into the pros and cons of retargeting ads.

Pros and Cons

Retargeting ads can be extremely effective, but they’re not without their drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider before using retargeting ads:


  1. They’re highly effective. Retargeting ads have a high click-through rate and conversion rate because you’re targeting people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

  2. They’re relatively cheap. Retargeting ads are usually cheaper than other types of advertising because you’re only targeting a specific audience.
  3. If you have Google Adwords or Facebook pixels set up, the time to get data is shortened.
positives of retargeted ads


  1. They can be annoying. If you’re targeting someone who’s not interested in your product, your retargeting ads can come across as spammy and annoying.
  2. You need to create a landing page just for that retargeting ad
  3. They require a lot of data. To be effective, retargeting ads require a lot of data. If you don’t have enough data, your ads will be less effective.
  4. You’ll need to have a few setups to not seem spammy and keep people interested. Since this won’t be a huge list of people, they could see it quite a bit.
the negatives of retargeted ads

Here at Blanc Ideas, we recommend you use them all the time. The way you use the ads depends on what goals you have.

If you need help with this, set up an appointment for a free consultation.

We’ll go over your goals and help you uncover a plan to reach those goals. It’s completely free.

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