You have a great business model but aren’t getting the customer you want. What should you do? It’s time to look at your business model and marketing to see where you are lacking and what to improve on. Chances are it’s something simple but don’t rule out that it could be something complicated. 


First and foremost, if you want to change the type of customer you’re attracting, you need to ensure that your business model can accommodate them. If your business model is designed only to attract a specific type of customer, then no matter how much marketing you do, you’ll only ever get that type of customer. So, let’s go back to the basics.

identifying your target customer

What type of customer do you want to attract?

This will apply to your marketing efforts and your business model. If you have a product, think about who would be using this product; if you offer a service, you have a specific type of person that you want to book your services. Now, if you’re thinking that you need to help everyone and have a fear of missing out, nothing will save you until you change your mindset. It would help if you got very specific with who your target market is.

To get an idea of who your target market is, answer the following questions:


-What age are they?

-What is their gender?

-Where do they live?

-What is their annual income?

-What do they like to do for fun

-What type of personality do they have?

-What is their personality? ( are they punctual or always late) Applies to services

getting customers you want using demographics

Really dive into this and explore. Brainstorm everything you can and check off what you like and don’t like. It’s your business. You should enjoy who you work with.


I’m always talking about finding your ideal customer, but it’s because most people lose sight of their customers.

Are you offering the best service you can?

Time to be real with yourself. Are you truly offering the best services that you possibly can? If you answered yes, what can you offer differently from your competition?


If you answered no, how come? There are makers and takers, and if you are a taker, you will lose in the long run, and the makers will win out.


It would help if you found what you are doing that is making you valuable and amplifying that.


You will also want to check in on your reviews and make sure that you’re offering what you say you do.

attract customers you want with good reviews

Do a Competitor Analysis

An excellent way to see where you stand amongst your competitors is by doing a competitor analysis. This will show you what they are doing that is working and not working. You can then take this information and see how you can improve on it or even do something completely different.


There are a few ways that you can go about this:


-Check out their social media platforms

-Look at their website

-Read their reviews

-Talk to their customers


All of this research will give you a good idea of where they stand and what they are offering. It’s important to do this to see where you need to improve.

process of getting your ideal customer


Your marketing needs to be on point if you want to attract the correct type of customer. This means that you must be very specific with your target market and the type of customer you want to attract.


Some things to consider when thinking about your marketing:

-Your website- Is it attractive and easy to navigate?

-Your social media platforms- Are you posting relevant content to your target market?

-Is your offering straightforward to understand?

-Do you have a call to action?

marketing your brand to get the customers you want

All these factors play a role in your marketing and its success. To attract a specific customer, you must ensure that your marketing reflects that.

Look at Your Business Model

Your business model is the foundation of your business, and if it’s not set up correctly, you will struggle to attract the correct type of customer.


There are a few things to consider when looking at your business model:

-Do you have a clear and concise offering?

-Is your pricing competitive?

-Do you have a sales process in place?

-Do you have systems and processes in place?

-Do you have the right team in place?

digital marketing to get the customers you want

All of these factors play a role in your business model and how successful it is. To attract a specific type of customer, you must ensure that your business model reflects that.

In conclusion, if you aren’t getting the customers, you want to look inside first before you look out. You can’t fill up a bucket with water that has holes in it. First, fix those holes, so be honest and patch up your holes so you can fill your bucket with water and get the customer you want.

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