4 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Working  

Websites are the new store front of today. 93% of people look up a business online before visiting the store. Websites can be expensive, and if built by yourself “time consuming”. So, why isn’t your ecommerce business’s website bringing in profit?


1. User Experience is Paramount in Website Design

User Experience by definition is the highlight of the experiential, meaningful, and valuable aspects of the human-computer interaction that includes a product/service. What this means is that a website user needs to have a good experience in order to remember the product/service and be drawn back to it. This includes the website. User friendly experiences can help website performance. Many businesses have websites designed for their liking while throwing user experience to the wind. A company wants to have a website design that is to their liking, but also incorporates good aspects of user experience. Agencies are created to elevate businesses. Make sure your future website is built for the user and for you.

better user experience improves website performance


2. SEO Is Not Set Up Correctly

Too often, a great website has been built with improper SEO. This is all too common with websites, and it doesn’t improve website performance. A fundamental difference between a good website and a great website can be the SEO. Plenty of companies build websites, yet don’t incorporate SEO because they don’t have experience doing so.

Organic traffic occurs through search engines, the big ones being Google and Bing. The easiest thing you can do is go with a firm that offers you SEO services and the correct geo-location targeting. Your website is a garden, and SEO is the care taker of that garden.

seo and demographics can be used to build up website performance

3. Social Media

Social media took over in 2009. Most of the platforms here today are now simple enough to utilize in marketing a business. The pro is that a business can reach people all over the world now, and the better the market strategy, the better a business will be. Reviews on any platform help the market strategy by garnering trust. More reviews = more trust.

drive traffic to your website and improve website performance

4. Where Are Your Reviews?

What do reviews do? Basically, put trust behind your business. Its simple to ask someone to leave a review, and most people are willing to help a company out by doing so if the experience was enjoyable. In the case of bad reviews, it is pertinent to respond with some sort of a solution. It shows potential customers how well you handle curve balls.


Websites fail when only 1 or 2 of the above steps have been completed. All the steps combined make your website most likely to succeed.

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