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Not getting the reviews you need to grow?

More Reviews = More Business

The new word of mouth are reviews. With the advent of being able to shop online, everyone is looking for a review of a product or service.

How does having more reviews bring you more business?

Just ask yourself this. When shopping online and trying to decide on a product you’ve never purchased before, do you look at the reviews? If they have 3 stars, do you look for a better product/service? Most Americans will. It drives the purchasing decision. In addition to showing you have a reliable product or service, reviews also help you get to the first page of Google for searches.

As an example, when searching for the term “best contractor near me”, every search engine will grab the top reviewed company.

Do you have a review process set up and is it easy to use?

Obtaining Reviews To Elevate Your Business

Blanc Ideas wins real reviews from real people to achieve your business goals. Any unhappy customers are pointed towards customer service to have their problems resolved instead of voicing their concerns on a review platform (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc).

What about Bad Reviews

Bad reviews should be seen as an opportunity to show how your business resolves issues. Bad reviews aren’t ideal, however, when the concern is resolved successfully and to the customer’s liking, you are showing potential customers that you care about them and how well your customer service has been setup. Bad reviews are a reality but they don’t need to outweigh the positive reviews. That’s why we point unhappy customers to customer service to get their needs resolved before a negative review can pop up.

Why Customers Opinions Matter


72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customers tell an average of 24 people about their experience; happy ones tell 15 people.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews “stick” with consumers longer than negative reviews. 

Leaving Reviews

90% of typical U.S. consumers read online reviews; 6% write them. Which means leaving a review for your business could be too confusing or complicated. 

Build up your reviews and watch your success climb.