5 Shifts Concrete Contractors  Are Making To Double Their Income Without Working Any Additional Hours

Did you know that the average Concrete Contractor only makes $67,000 a year? There is no reason why you shouldn’t be making $143,898 + a year owning a concrete company.

So how do you make $143,898+  a year in the concrete business? I’ll go over a 5 step plan, you can implement it into your company to start getting more customers and charge higher prices.

Building A line of Customers  With Out These Companies

Are you using Angie’s List, Thumbtack, or Home Advisor where the average driveway job is $3,000 /$6 per sq foot depending on the size.  What about patios  Where the avg patio is $1,468/$2.50 per sq ft but wanting to win jobs with the pricing of $6000+ /12 per sq ft without pricing yourself out of the market? These sources benefit 2 people, the owner of the website(Thumbtack) and the homeowner. These types of sites don’t have the contractors’ best interest in mind. They stack you up against every other contractor in the area. The type of people who use these sites to find a flat worker are looking for the lowest price. Instead, start driving direct leads to your company. Customers will convert at prices you want to charge.  They wont be able to easily compare you vs everyone else. Eliminating the search for the lowest bid. Allowing you to nurture the lead and turn that customer into a higher paying client.

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Let Your Customers Do The Work & Get More Money For It

One of the most powerful tools you can have is a referral source. Here are some stats on how having a formal referral program will help increase sales. 

Referral leads convert 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels. 

83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience—yet only 29% actually do.

Only 30% of companies surveyed have a formalized referral program. Only 22% effectively scale their programs 

When referral tools are used, companies are 3x more likely to accelerate referral generation and conversion.

Yet with all these stats, companies continue to neglect a formal referral program. Saying to a customer we pay for referrals you send our way isn’t a formal program. Which most companies do. Having the right referral program in place can help incentivize others to do your marketing for you and make your sales process streamlined. Your referral system doesn’t just need to be with customers that you help either. Establishing partnerships with local communities will secure more high paying clients.

Building Social Proof And Your Credibility 

When hearing Social proof people think you need to have social media accounts and that is good enough. That you need to post and talk about how to do a concrete job because you are the expert. You want to show others that you know how to do concrete better than anyone else. This is awesome if you want to teach others how to become a concrete specialist. It will only attract (Do It Yourself) DYI people.  Instead, use social proof to build your companies credibility. I’m talking about the word of mouth on the internet. We all use it. Example, who do you think will get the first phone call? Concrete Joe with no reviews or concrete bob with 15 + 5-star reviews? We all do it when we shop online. Check the reviews and see what others are saying about the service they provided. 91% of customer will check a companies reputation before the calling or visiting. Building your social proof will tell the client you are worth the price you are asking. 

Helping Customers Trust You.

This step is often overlooked or just a simple about us that talks about the company. When a customer calls in and set up an appointment the person showing up to give a bid is a total unknown. This an uncomfortable and awkward moment for the customer.  For you, it’s an everyday thing but you have just entered into your futures clients safe space and you are a stranger.  92% of Americans say trust plays a role when making a big purchase, and 64% say it’s a factor even in smaller purchases. Make the customer feel relaxed and comfortable with the process and guided them through the steps. Earing the customer’s trust will drop their guard. Show them you are there to meet their needs. Once you accomplish this you will earn a new customer.

Standing Out From The Rest 

How are you differentiating yourself from your competition? Everywhere I look concrete companies seem the same to me. They clearly are different but every website says the same things.  Why are your jobs better than everyone else they have talked to? Why should they choose you over the others? When shopping at a store and you look at a product for $10 next to the same product that is $5 you start asking yourself, what’s the difference about the $10 product. When a customer cant tell they will always choose the cheaper services. To them, they are getting the same thing.  This is one reason why most concrete companies aren’t able to close high paying jobs. You look just the same as everyone else. You truly are different and offer a better service. Time to stand out, offer something unique to your customers and show them you are different from everyone else.

Are you looking for help building a referral network so you don’t have to rely on a website like Angie’s List?

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Want To Get A Full Stacked Marketing Agency Without The Up Front Cost?

A new High-value approach To getting the marketing you want without paying for anything out of your pocket upfront, increasing your revenue and profit while everyone else goes with agencies that take money upfront and produce no tangible results!

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