How Product Lines Can 3x Sales Without Coupons & Discounts!

What should you do?

It’s inside, and all you have to do is give up your email.


Its Hurting Your Brand & Sales


Everyone else discounts their products, so you decide to join, but it only devalues your brand.


When you discount 10% you have to sale 33% to 50% more products to cover the margins. 


Most people see products discount or sales as something is wrong with the product.


You’re trying to get them to buy now instead of leaving, but that’s just what they are doing, they are waiting for a bigger sale.


Discounts have been accosted with unsold, unwanted inventory. You don’t want your product to be lumped in that.

Is that what you want, to be needy with discounts?

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Who Am I

Caleb Grant

Caleb Grant


Caleb Grant is the founder of Blanc Ideas, a digital marketing firm founded in 2015.

I’ve been helping businesses nationwide grow from start-up companies to $10,000 a month to 2.5 million a year. Using my experiences of being deeply involved with various companies over the last seven years and running 3 of my businesses using the same techniques. 


Discount codes for email sign-ups, people are giving you a junk email, so they don’t get sold or bombarded with emails!


82% of businesses offer discounts. Only 10% of the store owners make over $100,000 a year. Winners don’t discount!


Most Americans are willing to wait for a deal. Offering a deal only says you are desperate for a sale!

Discounting doesn’t build urgency but makes people wait for bigger deals.


A short-term solution to a long-term problem, getting steady sales!

Ok, discounter, time to sign up!

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