PPC Ads For E-commerce Brands

PPC Your Store Into 10x More Sales.

Get The the Top Page For What Your Target Marketing Is Searching For.


What everyone else is doing.

  • Letting the PPC platform choose how you run your ads which results in more money spent and fewer of the right people seeing your ad. 
  • Competing with yourself when someone looks your brand up.  Spending unnecessary money on someone already looking your brand name up.
  • Sending the customer straight to the product page and offing a discount to try to get them to buy. 
  • Showing your ads on apps that have nothing to do with your brand while they get clicked on and they had no interest.

You don’t have to discount your products to get customers to make a purchase decision. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Find out how below.

Who Am I

Caleb Grant

Caleb Grant


Caleb Grant is the founder of Blanc Ideas, a digital marketing firm founded in 2015.

I’ve been helping businesses nationwide grow from start-up companies to $10,000 a month to 2.5 million a year. Using my experiences of being deeply involved with various companies over the last seven years and running 3 of my businesses using the same techniques. 

The PPC market right now.

72% Of Companies Haven’t Looked At Ad Campaigns In A Month

Google’s Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Is $1.16

Amazon’s Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Is $0.77

70% Of Search Impressions Are On Mobile Devices

50% Of Web Users Can’t Tell The Difference Between Paid And Organic Search Results

75% Of People Believe Paid Ads Help Them Find Things Easier

50% Of People Are More Likely To Buy From PPC Ad

What We Do 

Get your ad in front of your Ideal customer while giving them a great customer buying journey.

Create an offer without a discount to get customers to buy while increasing your average order value.

Build your credibility and inspire your customers to do your marketing for you. 

Showcase how your product will change their lives for the better by using emotion to get them to make a quick buying decisions

Automate the sales process that will give you a steady flow of new sales giving you the freedom to grow your business and have a stable work/personal life.

We are so confident in our skills that we have a pay-per-sale we generate for you. Find out more info here.

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