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While Everyone Else Blindly Markets To Everyone and Hopes they Get A Customer

What not to do when doing ecommerce marketing
  • Despite the competitive nature of E-commerce, companies are still struggling to reach out and connect with customers.
  • As they focus on attaining new shoppers, old ones may get neglected along with any potential loyalty or trust in their brand.
  • This can make it hard for them to stand apart from the crowd; not only is there a lack of product reviews available, but costly advertising investments generally have no tangible return, either!
  • With website traffic up but sales numbers down, businesses must find ways to bridge this disconnect and truly engage shoppers if they want growth success.
Caleb Grant

Caleb Grant


Caleb Grant is the founder of Blanc Ideas, a digital marketing firm founded in 2015.

I’ve been helping businesses nationwide grow from start-up companies to $10,000 a month to 2.5 million a year. Using my experiences of being deeply involved with various companies over the last seven years and running 3 of my businesses using the same techniques. 

What Do We Do Differently

Offering a clear value proposition that will reduce ad spending and increase conversions.

We make a strong connection with potential customers and give them an enjoyable experience that motivates them to shop your business.

Give your customer a reason to opt-in engage and enjoy getting updates from your business that doesn’t start with offering a discount to join.

Make your store the go-to source for customers seeking reliability and trustworthiness by building its credibility.

Giving abandoned cart customers a reason to come back and purchase without sacrificing margins.

Get your business in front of your target customers who are actively searching for similar products and stand out from the competition.

Increase brand awareness to your ideal customers while generating leads and customers simultaneously while increasing your ROI.

Reshape your product pages that is custom-tailored for your potential customers while boosting the ranking in search engines.

Demistarting how the product will benefit the customer and give them all the information they need while they visit your site that won’t just add a sale but increase your average order value.

Its All About Your Customer

Where Do Other Agencies Get It Wrong


Focusing on the wrong metrics:

 It’s important for eCommerce marketing agencies to focus on metrics that truly reflect the success of their marketing efforts, such as revenue or profit rather than just website traffic or social media followers.

Not understanding the target audience:

 In order to effectively market to a specific audience, the agency must have a deep understanding of that audience’s needs, desires, and behaviors. If they don’t, their marketing efforts are likely to be ineffective.

Not testing and optimizing:

Successful eCommerce marketing requires constant testing and optimization to determine what works and what doesn’t. Agencies that don’t regularly test and optimize their campaigns are likely to miss out on opportunities to improve their results.

Ignoring the customer experience:

The customer experience is crucial to the success of any ecommerce business. Agencies that neglect this aspect of marketing may struggle to retain customers and generate positive word-of-mouth.

Failing to adapt to changing trends:

Ecommerce is a constantly evolving field, and marketing agencies that don’t stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices are likely to fall behind their competitors.

Its All About Your Customer

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