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New Approach to Ecommerce Marketing

Start to 10x your Sales from $10,000 to $100,000 per month

What is Blanc Ideas?

Blanc Ideas is a company with one focus on getting your e-commerce store more sales. Whether you are a start-up company that hasn’t had any sales or an established business that has hit a plateau and can’t break past the $100,000 sales a month. We guild your customers through a process that is simple and effective to buying your products and building the brand you started.


Long Story Short 

Blanc Ideas is an advanced e-commerce strategy program for serious manufactures, product lines, and brands who want to establish a business for themselves that creates up to $100,000 per month in sales. If you want more sales than that we certainly can.


How Does This Work?

The code to success is shifting away from listing products for everyone and using technical tools as marketing efforts and into transforming your business into an online platform for selling products and an e-commerce powerhouse that is focused on the customer base.

This means I’ll be working with you to develop two different marketing sets. The first making sure you have the correct tech tools, then working on the business development and marketing set..




The Tech Set

We start with your tech set. In other words, the tech that you are currently using to drive results and sales for your store.

For example, making sure all the tools are in place and working correctly together. I use over 20 different tools and marketing concepts to drive a customer to make a purchase. I walk over those and make sure you are confident that they will work for you.

Having a website is fantastic, but there is so much more than just having a plugin and play. With our skillset, we continually better your shop and implement methods to serve you better. We don’t wait for you to come to us with the ideas. Our practices will make an impact on your business, bringing in consistency and growth in your e-commerce store..


The Business Development / Marketing Set

Then we jump inside your business development/ marketing stack. This is where we will spend the majority of our time. The goal is to make sure you feel confident in the marketing strategy that will drive customers to your store to make a purchase, not simply implementing technical services because the key to a successful eCommerce store is making a transformative impact on your potential customers. 

For example: What good is have a website where everyone goes to but never buys anything? Why have a sales funnel if no one buys anything? You collect email addresses but for what reason, if you can’t market to them? We’ll solve those business-level problems and turn them on the flip side to building your brand and store. 

So together we will work on: 

  • Defining and creating a multi-step high-value marketing strategy custom-tailored to your specific customer base and interests. 
  • Developing marketing strategies for attracting long term, recurring customers who want and need your products. 
  • Creating a simple to use but effective website and turn it into your online platform you can branch your brand out on. 
  • Inspiring people to make a purchase rather than overwhelming them with a bunch of product talk they don’t understand. 
  • Tailoring your offer to your customer which will boost sales vs marketing to everyone which confuses people into not making a purchase. 



Bottom Line

The bottom line is you come away with three remarkable results.
First, You feel confident in your stores and products.
Second, you have your marketing dialed in to attract the correct type of customer you want.
Third, Generating sales and building your brand to new rights that can generate a 6 figure income monthly while you work a regular 8 hour day.

Again Blanc Ideas does not work with everyone and is an invitation-only program. I’m open and honest about the fact that this isn’t for everyone. You don’t need to have any marketing knowledge but a product that is useful and betters people’s lives while genuinely wanting to help your customers. If that sounds like you, let’s talk.

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