This is the same approach I take when looking at marketing a product/ service to any new customers. 

I believe that makers will be successful and that sometimes people need to get free advice that others charge for. Let’s dive right into it.

Do you have any data on your customers?

Having some kind of data will help you in your journey and is the first place I will start.

Here is the list in order of what I look at.

*Sex- Men or females, men, and women are different to market it to and buying points.

* Age group- I do this by 18-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-55, 55-65,. Most of the time, your customers will fit into one of those brackets. Look at the one that has the most purchases. That’s what you care about. If that’s not what you care about, look at what you value most and pick the age that that.

*Income- Split these into three groups low, middle, and high.

*Location- pick the area that has the most purchases, even if you are a small area, and go off of the cities in the county. If you sell nationwide, pick a few cities or two states.

*Interest/searches, chances are that your best customers have the same interests. Look at all of them and see what the dominating one is.

using consumer demographics to find your target market

Those are the main things I look for and ask new clients about their customers, and it amazes me how many people don’t know these.

Next time you go out to a restaurant, see how many of the above options you can see.

Remember, we are looking for the majority, not the exception.

For example

4-6 pm older group of people eating

5-7 pm families

6-8 pm single people dating

finding your target market through your marketing

What type of restaurant is it?

Fast food, dinner, a chain restaurant or something fancy should tell you the budget.


That’s just one idea.

Another Example

Arts and crafts store

Most customers are females of all ages who like to be crafty and do little DIY projects. Mainly Lower and middle class with a location around that town. They have one common interest, it’s that they like art and crafts.

marketing to your target market

Start looking around other stores and see if you can’t find a common reason on why everyone is shopping there.


You don’t have data

How do you find your target market with no data?

Here are some ideas

Chances are you have a competitor. Or someone you are competing with even though they aren’t competing with you.

Go hang out at their parking lot and look at the people who are going into the place of business.

I don’t want to do that. Check out their social media following and see what type of people are interacting with the company; look at their followers and go to the profile.

If you can check out the business for a day, that would be best. You can see a few things.

Age, Sex, age, Income (a guess based on clothing and car, also the pricing of the store). Just make sure to take notes of busy times and everything you look at.

figuring out who your target market is

You can also do some research on areas that you want to open up in. Look for the median income of the area and what type of businesses are around you. If it is a wealthy area, then you don’t want to open up a dollar store, but if it is a lower-income area, that would be a great place.


It’s time to become creative on how you are going to get ahead. You don’t have any data so it’s time to get data.

You can also do this if you want to get an edge on your competition and want to know what they are doing.

You have your data now what?

Now you have your data and what you do next is up to you. What I recommend is creating a marketing plan and testing it out on people who you know that fit into that group. You may have to offer them incentives to help you out, but it’s better than testing it out and wasting money on ads.

If you want help with this, you can schedule a call, and I’d be happy to help you uncover new ideas.

what to do after you find your target market

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful in some way. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

-Caleb G.

Blanc Ideas CEO

Now that you know how to find your target market, it’s time to get creative and figure out how to reach them. You can use traditional methods like advertising or word-of-mouth, or you can get creative and use social media or influencer marketing. No matter what method you choose, make sure you’re reaching your target market in a way that is effective and efficient. Thanks for reading!